We Travel Where Possilbe as a Family




We Travel Where Possible as a Family’

Since 2009 ‘We Travel Where Possible as a Family’ has been a project that integrates family life, travel and our creative practice. Many residency opportunities are solitarily experiences, without space for the domestic, for family. Yet living and working as an artist one is prey to the expectation that the artist exists as a ‘singularity’. Partially a desire to break from the constraints in this style of residency and partially born out of necessity, my partner and I started to explore this practice, finding kindred spirits amongst the international nomadic artists community. Through our journeys to Klaus Maehring's Nomadic Village project in Bulgaria, Co. Durham and the South of France, we have worked with, and exchanged ideas with artists from all around the world. We extended this into our own travels and residencies in Aberdeenshire and Lancashire working from our 1967 Kema Kolibri caravan which now serves a home, a studio, an editing suite and a gallery. This method of working and travelling together has it’s challenges but also has it’s rewards, broadening our our experience and allowing development as artists. It permits an immediacy in response to unfamiliar environments and affords us an intensive yet supportive space to work, sometimes collaborating some times working alone






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Nuclear Tour. 2015.
Nuclear Tour, Will see us make a toxic tour of the UK, driving to
16 of our Nulcear facilites. At each site we plan to create
a family portaite with the plant in the background as well as
engaging in some family actives near to the site. such as
swimming in Sellafield beach, and bass fishing at Hartlepool reactor.
we are excited to be working with Sharon Wiilson artist and academic in toxic tourism
as well as designer Joseph White, Michael McHugh Radio Artist and curator artist Dawn Felicia Knox
We will be sharing the results at Sunderland University in October
And creating a publication which we hope to launch in 2016.
Then later in 2016/7 we will tour the work in the van back around the 16 sites.


Using google maps we will track and document our journey.

Our routes and photographs will be loaded to the Nuclear tour

Along with video and directions for public events.


Work will be shown and supported by NEPN // NewBridge Project // Star and Shadow Cinema