Visual Artist Tanya Axford and puppeteer Alison McGowan of Puppetship CIC worked with over 20 small groups from early years settings across Newcastle to engage babies, children, parents and practioners in creating their own colourful, stimulating and immersive environments. At the heart of 'Material Worlds' is the desire to represent Listeing to Young Children as an active, multi sensory process, not limited to the spoken word. I worked with Claire Rousell to document the session which form a beautiful exhibtion and publication "Material Worlds' This is a small selection of the work that we took.

Claire Rousell work on Red Green and Purple. Lindsay Duncanson on Purple Yellow Orange Blue and White

White White white


blue BLue BLue  
Green Green Green  
Yello Yellow Yello  
Orange Orange Orange  
REd red red  
purple purple purple